We have recently invested in future proofing our content by investing in a complete set of Canon CNE cinema grade lenses, this will allow us to take the next step in our journey of quality content with the aim of producing high end content as such from much larger production houses.

With our aim to play in the big leagues in the Australasian content scene we are always looking for new ways to better our selves and our equipment.

The focal range we have focused on is 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm. This gives us a complete range out to 135mm from the super wide of 14mm. From here we move to telephoto lenses to get the long throw shots, these primes have proven extremely valuable in our campaign level media with incredible sharpness and soft bokeh which opens up new doors for our creative production. This combined with our current production set up is allowing us to make a big dent in the market place in terms of quality content.

These make our methods and efficiency of the team much more seamless, moving between glass is now much faster then traditional still lenses and makes for a much smoother experience to gain different shoot sizes with precision and not be stuff between large shot size gaps.

We will be using these on all upcoming campaign level media productions, these combined with the brute power from our EVA1 production camera’s and our Blackmagic cinema camera we can jump right upto the big gun production houses and play in their league, we are now bridge the gap in the content game.