Things have been busy here at Radlab, and they’re only getting busier. This is part of the reason behind our most recent purchase of another Panasonic EVA1 making our kit of two A Cams. We’re really excited about this new camera and have been enjoying using it alongside our other one.

With our fast paced work environment and running in and out it was the perfect location for us to set up shop and allows us to be just down the road from most of our clients which we love,

We decided that we were really needing another A Cam to help us facilitate our ongoing and ever-increasing production quality and rate. Whereas we’d been getting into complicated camera setups, we find that with the EVA1’s we’re really able to simplify the process. We can shoot on one camera while setting up another rig, making sure we’re consistently capturing the best footage for our clients.

We also want to include a wide variety of shots in our content, and find that this addition to our camera range really enables us to do that – mixing wide with tight, and stability with motion. We are loving the impressive quality this camera provides, and the flexibility it adds to us as a production team. We plan to continue expanding upon our inventory in ways that will streamline our production process and allow us to reach even greater heights with our work here at Radlab.