Want to work with Radlab?

Do you want to intern with Radlab? We have been getting a lot of interest in our internship program so we are opening up our 2019 mid term application to public and students.

If you are interested in becoming an intern with Radlab you will need to be currently be working or studying in the content industry with relevant skills, because we are always super busy we can only take on one intern at a time and it’s a full on fast passed industry experience position. In other words, you will have to be up to scratch in terms of skill, talent and attitude we do not have time for big egos and “experts” we want people who are ready to put some hard work in.

This is an unpaid internship and is open to students through your school/uni internship program or open to public industry people, the maximum internship for part time is three months or 1 month for full time. You will leave Radlab with a written review and reference as well as a wealth of new knowledge.

If this sounds a bit like you please apply below,