Jared Donkin / Founder

The man with a plan, our creative leader, coming from many years behind the camera producing stunning photography and a strong run in marketing and brand management. Jared brings some serious experience and talent to any campaign he works on.

Karl Periam / Founder

Karl is the master behind the camera, the one who creates a good bunch of our  stunning visuals, he will always go the extra mile!

Ben Loader / Content Creator

Bringing fire to all our campaigns Ben is the man behind the editing suit, he’s pretty darn good behind a camera to! 

It takes two to tango 

We make content great again, with passion and a strong will to go the extra mile no matter what, if the job’s big or small! 

Radlab is about making long term partnerships and friendships, strong foundations with great communication lead to amazing content. With many years of experience and a few to many Latte’s we think we have the formula down pretty good!

The small things count and something as small as a smile can go a long way and we are all about handing them out for free.

So don’t be shy and give us a call, we don’t bite.

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