Jared Donkin / Founder

The man with a plan, our creative leader, coming from many years behind the camera producing stunning photography and a strong run in marketing and brand management. Jared brings some serious experience and talent to any campaign he works on.

Karl Periam / Founder

Karl will bring your idea to life with relevant visuals that tell a true story in a creative and insightful way. He’s the man behind the project and will see it from fruition through to final product. He’s the main man behind the camera and the master of final touches.

Ben Loader / Content Creator

Ben is a young and enthusiastic member of the team. He is the man behind the editing suite, bringing magic to all of our videos. Ben isn’t just a one trick pony – he’s been doing photo and video since the age of 12 – so it’s safe to say he knows his way around the camera pretty well too.

Walter Neilands / Producer

Our newest member to the team, Walter brings a big smile and super positive attitude to the Radlab family, been in the TV and production industry for many years and starring in a few shows in his time and brings some great talent to the team.

Frankie / CEO

Meet Frankie, she’s the big boss around here and is our current CEO (Chief Exercise Officer). This is an extremely important role in this fast-paced industry, she keeps everyone on their toes and keeps things on schedule. Frankie is always stoked to meet everyone and loves a good HIGH FIVE.

Max / Chief Of Security

You need to watch out when Max is in town, he is our extremely highly trained security officer around Radlab, nothing ever gets past him! He is in charge of assessing all guest and members of the public coming through the doors and is more then willing to give the local postman and pizza boy a good bark.

It takes two to tango 

We make content great again, with passion and a strong will to go the extra mile no matter what, whether the job’s big or small! 

Radlab is about making long term partnerships and friendships – strong foundations with great communication lead to amazing content. With many years of experience and a few too many lattes, we think we have the formula down pretty well!

The small things count and something as small as a smile can go a long way, and we are all about handing them out for free.

So don’t be shy and give us a call – we don’t bite.

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