The Challenge?

Working with Special Pr we were challenged to create 5 pieces of content for NZTE to showcase New Zealand businesses at San Fransisco Sail GP conference. We had 8 days to complete this from the first shoot to the final hand-in where they would be playing. 

Working closely with the Special Pr team we came up with the plan of attack. Radlab would shoot all the A-Roll required for each piece of content at their respective business and NZTE would supply B-Roll to use within the editing.

The businesses that we covered were Fabrum in Christchurch, Dawn Aerospace in Christchurch, Sea Change in Auckland, Zero Jet in Auckland, and Energy Bank in Auckland. Each business had a 1 min piece of content created, with a range of interviews and B-Roll we managed to capture everything over 2 days of shooting across Christchurch and Auckland.

Our post-production team then had 4 days to complete 5 edits to completion with changes from Special Pr and the Client NZTE. 

We are very happy with the way this project went, it was very smooth and testiment to our processes and teams ability to adapt and work under pressure.