The New HQ

Welcome to Radlab 4.0

We are very excited to share our new space, we have worked hard on moving in and creating an open-plan working environment that can help our team thrive and grow. The new space allows us to do this.

We now have the ability to shoot in our own private studio which is a luxury we have always wanted and now have. It’s not the biggest but it’s perfect for what we need. This studio will allow us to create content directly within our workspace without the need to use outsourced small studios. When not in use as a studio this room makes for a secondary meeting/breakout room.

We have a large board room and 75″ review monitor and whiteboard, a large gear and server room with a working area and a nice kitchen area for staff.

Overall the new space is a breath of fresh air to us all and is an amazing place to work from. It’s open and bright, full of plants and greenery and has a great vibe.

We have invested in building two dedicated editing suites both fit for purpose. The main “Master Finishing Suite” in the photo is our review and client suite, this room has highly colour-accurate review monitors with a 55″ OLED for review. The room also has full range surround sound perfectly tuned, alongside a pair of reference monitors for accurate playback audio.

The second suite is for online editing and project finishing / final colour and sound design. It’s a slightly smaller room which is heavily soundproofed, it has full-range reference monitors and sound recording equipment for all vocals and V/O requirements. 

The suites both have air conditioning and are great places to work. We’re really happy how they have both turned out and allow us to really have dedicated finishing suites for multiple projects. It also means we can have a collaborative working environment for our clients, directors and creatives to work alongside the editor or colourist to finalise projects.

So thats the new office, we can’t wait to host you all here, please pop in anytime! We are based at 65 Upper Queen St, right in the heart of the city!