Running A Live Stream

Producing a live stream event is no easy task! We have put together an easy 5 step tick list for you. This will help you make sure you have thought of the key elements before you get into planning and looking for a production partner.

  1. Where would you like your live stream hosted? There are loads of live streaming enabled platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok etc… You don’t have to limit yourself to one platform and can stream to multiple platforms at once. Its good to plan ahead an choose the main or multiple platforms first and foremost.
  2. How long do you want to run your live stream event for? This is important to plan, live audiences can be tricky to keep engaged so its good to have a strong plan to retain engagement and plan your live stream as if it was live TV.

3. What are you streaming and or who? Its really important to have a clear idea or creative for what the stream is going to be about and who will be hosting the stream. Having an engaging host can really enhance a live stream.

4. Who’s your live stream audience? This comes back to the platform, it is ideal to know who you are talking to on the other end of your live stream and who the audience is. This really helps in planning and placement.

5. How are you going to run your live stream event? Live stream events can be as simple as running a live event off your phone or simply into OBS or similar on a laptop. These streams are great for small updates but really lack in a lot of areas, especially quality and audio. You are also limited in graphic elements and camera angles. Radlab offers a multitude of solutions in live streaming, producing, event management and creative production. We can help build a custom plan for you and take care of all live and production elements to bring your live stream event to life!


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